Kodak Black - If You Ain't Ridin [HD Lyrics On Screen]

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If You Ain't Ridin
If you ain't ridin, don't even act like you ridin
Cause I ain't tryna be out here wastin my time
Keep it real, don't leave me in the blind
Cause I ain't tryna be out here thinkin you mine
Don't be having me out here thinkin you ridin
If I can't call on you, stop bangin my line
Ion want nobody to be feedin me lies
Cause Ion even be like to swallow my pride

Free lil kooda, he walk round with that 9
Free Lil kooda man they gave him a dime
I like when you suck my dick while I drive
But let a nigga know is you really gon' ride
Is you really gone ride, even if they flat all our tires
Be hoppin cars and hotwires, till we get a brand new s5
I still fuck wit lil Robert he knew me since I was 5
Ain't even lookin at yo ass, I got my eyes on the prize
You ain't got lie to kick it, you can leave you can stay
And whoever told you that I needed you anyway
I ain't talkin bout no sue, I'll call a whole new case
I just wrote my nigga Cool like let me know if you straight
You be actin like you real but you know damn well you fake
I'm just thinkin bout lil jackboy it's his birthday today
I might caught a q8 we just got a new place
I keep my heart pumpin blood, all you lil niggas koolaid

Keep it real with me, don't know why you lyin
You out here thuggin but you scared to do time
I kept it real with you ain't never been slime
They don't know how I stayed up on the grind
what I had to do to survive cause all they see is the shine
they don't see these bags under my eyes, they see the paint on my ride
when I was down bad on my lonely, where was you were you there
when i was lost and i was lonely, where were you, did you care?
don't be having me out here thinkin you for me when you there
you would hate to see me win, i know you want me to fail
went to school got expelled, jumped off the porch i was 12
I ain't goin back to jail, no more thuggin I swear
you want loyalty but you ain't even loyal yourself
you a clown, you went down fuckin told on yoself
that's why my circle so tight, cause ion fuck wit you squares
those cold nights in that cell, where were you was you there