These ROBOTS Will Replace the WOMEN !

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In this video you will see: Most Amazing Robots That Replace the Women if Future !

When the main characters in fairy tales tie the knot, typically the story ends then and there. Before this point, there is plenty of sorcery, intrigue, adventures, and romance – but after it, there is only gaping void, prudishly covered with the magic words "happily ever after." As though getting married stops all interesting things in the heroes’ lives from happening. Wait a minute, what if it’s true? Let’s see. Snow White gets a bunch of dwarves visiting on weekends. Cinderella’s endless tidying up slowly drives the Prince insane. Jasmine… Have you ever tried to evict your wife's beloved cat from the bed only you humans are supposed to share? Well, now imagine it’s actually a well-fed tiger. Doesn’t sound like fun, huh? So, interesting facts about female robots and artificial intelligence.

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