wwe full matches - Rusev Lana and bobby lashley in King’s Court - wwe raw 28 october 2019

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Jerry “the King” Lawler is in the ring to welcome us to the King’s Court.

He introduces Rusev and Lana as his guests.

Lawler begins by saying that Rusev is still wearing his wedding band in hopes of reconciliation, and Lana says she didn’t want to come out and air dirty laundry or embarrass Rusev, but the truth is every day she has to deal with the WWE Universe being mean to her on social media so she’s going to tell us the truth. The truth is all Rusev wanted from her was sex.

Rusev asks if you can blame him, but Lana clarifies that he wanted sex in the morning, sex in the evening, when sex is on a bagel, you can have sex any time. Okay so maybe she didn’t say that part but she did go on at length and called Rusev an addict. She accuses him of wanting to put a baby inside of her and says he knew more about her cycle than she does, and all he wants is Machka brats running around.

Rusev says he wanted to grow their family but-- Lana cuts him off and says she has a modeling career and no designer will dress her if she has stretch marks, and the way she makes money is by being the most ravishing woman in the world, not being Mama Rusev. Pressed by Lawler, Lana admits that’s not it so much as Rusev cheated on her. Bobby Lashley told her and she believed him.

Rusev scoffs and says that never happened--

Enter Bobby Lashley. In his ring gear for some reason.

Rusev cuts him off with a boot and takes the fight to him on the floor! Smashing Bob into the post, clubbing strikes, he throws him into the steel steps! Into the ring, front kick, more punches, Lashley turns him around and lays into him before hitting a reverse STO! Clearing the King’s Court set... SPEAR COUNTERED WITH A FRONT KICK! Samoan drop, Rusev takes off his wedding band and waves it at Lana, screaming, before feeding it to Lashley!

Mounted punches, Lana blindsides him with a kendo stick but Rusev cannot be stopped! He catches her next swing and asks why she’s doing this, which gives Bob the opportunity to uppercut him in the gentleman’s area! Lana hauls off with a slap, Lashley hits a running kick to the groin! Putting boots to Rusev, they make out while straddling his prone body.