New TKOR Super-Station - Personal Tour!

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A few weeks ago, I got sick with Strep-Throat and couldn't record audio for my videos ... so I built a "super-station" instead. Blood and sweat went into making it .. Now, let me show you what it can do!

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Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Guarded 2 position switch:
[✓] LED kit:
[✓] Porter cable wood router:
[✓] Puck lights (120v ac):
[✓] Diamond aluminum trim:
[✓] Diamond aluminum outlet covers:
[✓] Surge protected power bar:

Endcard Links:

2000F Solar Power:
Liquid Nitrogen:
Metal Melter:
Candy Cannon:

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Music By: (Infected Euphoria)

Project Inspired By:

A local craftsman, named Bryce, who works out of his home. He gave me a tour of his shop, and had designed a router station very similar to my first prototype. He gave me permission to use the idea, and make modifications.

Project History & More Info:

In a previous video, I showed how to convert a work table into a professional looking, flush mounted router station. (

What most people didn't know, was that was really just a prototype for a better bench I was hoping to build.

When I started building this version, I didn't have any plans, just a basic idea, and kind of put it together as I went.

I wanted it to have built in electrical outlets, cabinets, and my flush mount router station. But once I got going with it, I saw where I could put a custom sign, which of course meant I needed to light it. If I was going to install LED lighting for the sign, I thought maybe it would be awesome to install it on the understand of the entire worktop. I found the light set at, and in truth, the LED's cost nearly as much as all the wood and materials on the rest of the bench! Hopefully it was worth it.

I wanted the bench to look industrial, so I found a 4'x8' sheet of diamond plated aluminum at a local metal/steel company for about $100.00. I used my jigsaw to cut it into strips, and used some 2x8 pine board to bend it to 90º angles for the corners.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. It took a lot of time, effort, blood and sweat, but I'm hoping it will be a permanent and useful addition to my project videos.

The materials for wood, paint and other accessories was about $400, and the LED strip kit was about $300.00. I can't put a price on my labor, but it was 2 solid weeks, all day every day so I could get it done, and keep making videos without missing an upload.

In any case, it's never going anywhere. It won't fit through any door, and the thing probably weighs about 400lbs!

I hope you like it!