Top Things to See at Yellowstone National Park

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We spent two days exploring the amazing and unique Yellowstone National Park. Definitely visit if you haven't yet. Here are the top things you must see at Yellowstone:

0:40 - Upper Geyser Basin. The largest concentration of geysers in the world. Also the home to Old Faithful.
2:02 - Old Faithful. Erupts every 90 minutes pretty faithfully.
4:31 - Fairy Falls Trail to the Grand Prismatic Spring overlook. I suggest doing this if it's warm out - the cold weather makes so much steam that it obscures the view.
5:30 - Grand Prismatic Spring. One of the largest hot springs and an iconic Yellowstone highlight.
6:42 - Isa Lake and the Continental Divide. Honestly not a "must-see" at Yellowstone, but it was for us. It's only 20 minutes beyond Old Faithful.
7:07 - Fountain Paint Pots. Boiling mud, the dragon's lair (the red spouter), and our favorite geyser (sorry Old Faithful).
8:36 - Gibbon Falls. Worth a 2-minute stop. Great views. It's on the way to Canyon Village with Artist Point and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
8:43 - Artist Point, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We still can't get over this view. It literally looks like a painting, even in real life.
9:31 - Uncle Tom's Point. Uncle Tom's Trail is a crazy steep trail, but it's really short. Your legs WILL be burning after this. Not good for people with a fear of heights.
11:06 - Canyon Overlook from Uncle Tom's Point. Wheelchair accessible trail with a great view of the Upper Falls.
11:22 - Canyon Overlook from the north side of the canyon. Great views of Lower Falls and the entire canyon.
11:39 - Brink of Lower Falls Trail. Switchbacks all the way down, but relatively short hike to within feet of the edge of Lower Falls. Really cool view.
13:02 - Calcite Springs Overlook. View of molten sulfur seeping out of the side of a mountain. Worth a 2-minute stop.
13:19 - Mammoth Hot Springs. Terraced hot springs. Super unique, really pretty.
14:26 - Canary Springs. The very top part of Mammoth Hot Springs. Personally this was our favorite part of Mammoth Hot Springs.
14:55 - Norris Geyser Basin. This geyser basin isn't quite is cool as Upper Geyser Basin, but one section of it is called Porcelain Basin, and that part is awesome. It includes a ton of fumaroles, lots of really colorful hot pools, and a vibrant green river that looks like it's straight out of Oz.
15:48 - Artists' Paintpots. Small section of paintpots that includes a few mud pits and lots of nice views.

Lamar Valley. If you want to see wildlife at Yellowstone, like bears, wolves, and bison, you need to go to Lamar Valley. It would have been too much driving and time to fit into our route on this trip, and we were more interested in seeing nature, landscapes, and thermal features, which is why we focused there. But if you'd rather see animals, definitely include Lamar Valley on your Yellowstone itinerary.

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