Celebrities Biggest WTF/Cringe Moments

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10 Biggest Celebrity WTF/Cringe Moments

We all admire celebrities as if they’re smarter more talented and just better than normal everyday people but the truth is celebrities are just like us everyday normal people some of which have had some incredible awkward cringe moments today we count 10 Celebrity wtf moments

This first moment comes from a program which is interviewing the x factor cast, in this interview louis walsh one of the judges gets way too comfortable with his colleague mel b on the sofa, so comfortable in fact that on tv he is seen groping mel b’s ass until she is forced to bring it up and make him stop

In this next clip a very cocky jennifer garner tries to correct conan o'brien on conans talk show, conna as a very smart guy having attended harvard university, but when conan says the word snuck cocky jennifer garner tries to make conan look like a fool by informing him that snuck isn’t a word, but it completely backfires when it turns out snuck is in the dictionary

In this next wtf moment jennifer lawrence and natalie dormer accidentally share a mouth kiss together while natalie dormer is in an interview for hunger games this moment was instantly shared all over the internet making the moment go viral especially because of jennifer's comment at the end

In this next moment something very strange happens katy perry is performing live in front of thousands of fans when all of a sudden she falls to the floor and is then carried off stage by a bodyguard seconds after the reason she fell isn’t clear but a lot of people are saying she was being mind controlled which isn’t true but it’s fun to speculate, shes most likely very high

This next moment will always be hilarious, jerry seinfeld arguably the most successful comedian of all time denies a hug from pop star kesha who is a huge seinfeld fan, you feel quite bad for her in this video but seen as Jerry doesn’t know her and is also a huge germaphobe you can understand his harsh rejection

This famous boxer got into a lot of trouble and ruined his boxing career, famous pro boxer kurbat polev couldn’t resist kissing this woman who is interviewing him and when the interview ends he goes in for a mouth kiss with no hesitation without her consent to which she pressed charges, it’s also been said though that this interviewer was giving his whole crew lap dances just before the interview

Kelly osbourne daughter of black sabbath's ozzy osbourne while trying to diss donald trump made herself look like a complete racist by stereotyping mexicans, she says that if you kick out every latino who is going to clean your toilet donald trump, the response to this statement wasn’t met with praise but was met with shocked faces

Lady gaga is known to be very strange and enigmatic, and that is no different in this clip where david letterman is asking her true and false questions she gets annoyed in quotation marks and tears up david’s papers and puts the paper in her mouth and actually eats it

This next moment is very harsh from a fan, in this video adam levine maroon 5 band member is seen signing autographs for fans in his free time, to which one crazy fan decides to ruin his day by throwing flour on the pop star, which is why a lot of celebrities refuse to have a lot of public interactions with fans

This next moment is notorious and comes from steve harvey who by the end of this video is sorrowful and embarrassed when he says the wrong name when announcing the winner of miss universe 2015