The BEST RAMEN in New York City (and the World)

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We LOVE ramen. We've eaten at Ippudo, Totto Ramen, Ichiran, Jin Ramen, and many more. We even went to Tokyo to eat ramen. After taste testing everything, we've decided on our favorite: the BEST RAMEN in the world. Do you agree? Which one is your favorite?

In 2013 we went on a 3.5 month backpacking trip around Asia and we started with 2 weeks in Tokyo. We ate a lot of ramen and found our favorite ramen restaurant in Tokyo: Ichiran Ramen. The restaurant decided to expand outside Tokyo and they opened a location in Manhattan. Without a doubt, Ichiran is the best ramen in New York and in Tokyo, which as far as we're concerned, that makes it the best ramen in the world.

You can customize everything from how rich the broth is to how firm your noodles are. Another unique thing about the dining experience is that you eat it in your own booth. The idea here is that you don't have any distractions, so you can concentrate on the flavors. It's the same as they do it in Tokyo (although ordering is a little different, as you can see in our video of the Tokyo Ichiran Ramen here:

Thanks so much for watching. Make sure you comment below on what your favorite ramen restaurant is!


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