Chester Oklahoma Tornadoes - High Risk Day 5-18-17

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Three tornadoes touched down and several funnels danced in the sky near Seiling and Chester Oklahoma on May 18, 2017. For licensing 4K tornado video contact [email protected]

A large funnel cloud appeared south of Seiling Oklahoma around 4:12pm. I can't confirm a touchdown but this was likely a tornado before I spotted it. The first tornado I could confirm occurred around 4:30pm just west of Chester Oklahoma. The tornado appeared powerful at first and was likely the strongest tornado produced by this supercell thunderstorm. It didn't maintain it's strength very long but was on the ground awhile. Perhaps around 10 to 15 minutes. The tornado roped out in dramatic fashion bending and writhing as it crossed highway 281. A brief weak tornado occurred shortly after while another stronger cone tornado formed to it's west. This tornado tracked North along highway 281 for perhaps 5 minutes or so. I'll enter more precise details later. I doubt there were any injuries with these tornadoes.

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