Make $600 3D Printed Headphones For $200!

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The best headphones for $150? Yeah, we'd say so...
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Buy Fostex T50RP -
4-pin Female Hi-Rose -
Buy pre-made cable (cheaper on eBay (search "MrSpeakers cable")) -
4-pin Male Hi-Rose (if making cable) -

Open Alpha project -
Foam stencils -
Assembly PDFs -

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The Hi-Fi audio world is filled with a lot of snake oil and a lot of companies say you need a lot more equipment than you really do. But every once in a while, you dig around on forums and find a gem. The MrSpeakers Alpha Dog headphones took the world by storm about 5 years ago getting tons of praise from audiophile review websites around the web. The MrSpeakers headphones were a Fostex T50RP mod. Years later, as a thank you to the community, MrSpeakers released the STL files so that DIY enthusiasts could make their own with a 3D printer, a little patience, and a couple hours. You can build everything for less than $200 and they sound amazing for the price.