Frank Ocean - Rushes [CDQ]

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This is track sixteen from the remastered and re-released version of Endless by Frank Ocean under the label "BOYS DON'T CRY"
Originally released just two days prior to Blonde as a visual album, Endless is an absolute fucking experience of an album. It is even more unlike anything I've heard than Blonde is, and easily his best album in terms of vibe (imo.)
This remastered version of Endless was put on his site for Cyber Monday in 2017. It was sold in the form of a vinyl record, a CD a DVD, and a VHS tape, along with two accompanying posters. All of them have this really cool holographic look to them.
The vinyl and CD DVD got delayed by a couple months but they eventually got here in early 2018.


Yo, if you want a cool community of people that like Frank Ocean and a bunch of other artists like him, check out this discord server:
Discord is basically a modern chatroom with text and voice chat capabilities. There are a lot of different channels in a server for a lot of different interests that you may have (futura has a channel for music, venting, photography, production, and more as of the time that I'm writing this.) It can be kinda confusing to use at first, so don't hesitate to ask for help.
Futura is unique in that is has a monthly radio show that a member from the server makes, and we all get together to listen to it at the end of the month. They usually have really crazy transitions and stuff.
I'm no longer in the server, but the last time I linked it in my descriptions, a lot of people joined and found that the place fit them really well, so I figured I'd start that up again.
If I ever end up back in there, I'll be using the name @Marlow, so if you wanna hang out and i'm there, you know who to @.


I hold no rights or copyrights over this music. This is not my music, and I intend to make no money or profit off of this. I simply posted it here as an archive for other people to enjoy so that they can experience this beautiful album. Copyrights go to Frank Ocean and BOYS DON'T CRY. If anyone from Frank Ocean's team want me to take this down, just contact me and I'll get it down quick.

Please support the official release and spread the word. I'm unaware of where you can purchase this particular version of Endless at this moment, but I do know you can get the original video version on Apple Music still.