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"Greatest" is part of our "Fight Back: The Collection" which is our 12 song collection of some of our most hype/high energy music now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms!

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I just wanna be the greatest
everybody knows my name shit
Ima have this whole fuckin game lit
spitting with insane wit
and Ima gonna be famous
ain’t nobody able to delay this

comin Up I had a vision to make it
never wanted to be nothing always wanted to play shit
sit in class always wondering why I learn this lame shit
how hell am I different if we all know the same shit

I ain’t never let em doubt me
it’s about me
keep my head down let my mouth speak
they surround me
they all about the clout see
where the crowd be
every time I speak loudly they more about me
man you know I got a bounty
on these lousy
ass haters that surround me
still they doubt me
they don’t know nothing about me
still their mouths breathe
ima change that soon better watch out now see

I just wanna be the greatest
I just wanna be famous
I just wanna be the greatest
I just wanna be famous

I’m not playing any more games
either put me on the charts or I’ll put you up in flames
better recognize art
cuz I don’t forget names
should’ve seen me from the start
comin at you like a train
think I’m bout to fall apart
every single fuckin day
seeing all these damn stars
with my well deserved fame
and I spit these gold bars
while they spitting out shame
man I give this shit heart
but it gives me back pain

I wanna be a spectacle
they skeptical
but man I got the chemical
I do it all intentional
so I can make that decimal

I’m not thinking man they saying that I’ve gone insane
I’m not ever gonna make it cuz the game has changed
I’m not good enough man no that’s not ok
tell me that shit again and I’ll stomp your brain

I just wanna be the greatest
I just wanna be famous
I just wanna be the greatest
I just wanna be famous

now wake up!
you got some shit to do
it’s 6am I don’t care you got some shit to prove
cuz right now you ain’t got nothing that big to lose
so get ur ass to work and don’t you dare hit snooze
can’t stop this
I’m obnoxious
and I’m honest
a novice
with promise
made monstrous
I’m conscious
but I’m nauseas
think I’ve lost it
I’ve got it
spitting all this
still I’m not it

I got this
I will not quit
man I’m all in
on a budget
man I’m stalling
cuz I’m nothing
but I’m all in
I’ll be something
Ima get it out now
you can leave if you don’t like it
say it out loud
you believe or you can bite this
keep my head down
and I keep on going timeless
make it somehow
I believe it when I write this

yea I just wanna be the greatest
man I just wanna be famous
yea I just wanna be the greatest
man I just wanna be famous

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