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Check out a collection of girly ideas that will ease your life:
-You will find a collection of ideas on how to quickly curl your hair. You can use a flat iron or even a plastic bottle to curl hair
-Skin irritation usually appears after shaving and leads to itchy bumps. We share an easy beauty trick to get rid of irritation - use cucumber slices. Cucumber restores and soothes the skin
-Combine cucumber with aloe gel to cure sunburn. Cucumber lotion has a soothing and whitening effect
-Dandruff is a real disaster and we have a natural cure - combine cucumber and egg
-You can replace potato chips with cucumber chips that will be a healthy snack. Watch the video to find a recipe. Dehydrate cucumbers for 2 hours, add your favorite spices
-Cucumber is perfect cute for dark circles
-Fresh cucumber is the best way to remove bad breath. Eat a slice of cucumber
-Try the best ice-cream recipe for those who are on a diet. Using a blender, mix cucumber, water, lemon juice, and agave syrup. Freeze and enjoy healthy ice-cream and will keep your figure
-Cellulite is a disaster that every girl hates and if you want to look flawless, you need to try the next recipe: mix honey, tabasco, cinnamon, grapefruit essential oil and stir properly. Apply this mixture and put it under stretch wrap for 15 minutes. Repeat once a week and forget about cellulite
-Try the cheapest tratment for dry heels: cut the lemon in half (squeeze the juice and apply half a lemon directly on the heel. After doing this, take a pair of socks to keep on the feet of the compress. Repeat twice a month


00:09 Creative ways to curl your hair
02:53 Beauty recipes with cucumber
03:22 Cucumber lotion for sunburn
06:02 Cucumber for bad breath
06:23 Low-calorie ice-cream

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