MOST PRACTICAL SUV - For Storm Chasing

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The most practical SUV for the money featuring Scotty Kilmer. The Best vehicle for storm chasing well under 20K. All wheel drive vs 2 wheel drive. Plus all my camera reviews, and all my computers, screens and rigs.


In this video I’m going to show you why this vehicle was the most practical vehicle. My entire system, the model, vehicle and the rigs are based on practicality from an economic perspective as well as efficiency, safety and freedom. If we’re not throwing away money, then we can afford to travel more and see more storms. I’m also going to show you my cameras and computer rigs and the logic behind it all.

New BlackVue Cameras were installed at The Dash Cam Store

The Sony A7s2 is my primary video camera with it’s amazing low light sensitivity. The A7r2 is my back up for video and primary camera for stills with its 42.4 MP files. They both shoot internal 4K video, and take great stills, but they’re difficult to focus on clouds.

BLACK MAGIC DESIGN CAMERA has a 4K global shutter but terrible low light sensitivity.

My iPhone8 usually has radar on it spit with reflectivity and base velocity and It can double as a vlogging camera in action if needed.

From time to time I use GoPros. I've never been a fan of GoPro quality, however the GoPro Hero 7 has really upped the game. I'm looking forward to experimenting with some time lapse with this GoPro's incredible stabilization.

2015 TOYOTA RAV4 Compact Crossover SUV
Why the 2015 Toyota Rav4 is the most practical SUV. I always buy used cars that are 2-3 years old with low miles. This is the best value for the dollar. There is risk buying a used car, however if you buy one from a dealership you can usually attain the Carfax, records and possibly purchase an extended warranty to ease the worry. Mine had no collisions and every oil change was recorded.

My last 2 Toyotas had well over 200K miles on them and despite beating them up daily, they were problem free. The only time they ever went to my mechanic Scotty Kilmer was for maintenance, namely tune ups, brakes, starters and alternators and perhaps a strut or motor mount. In my trade, I depend on reliability and until other car companies can match Toyota's reliability (or until Toyota starts sucking) I'm sticking with them.

Despite driving often on poor roads, I went with 2 wheel drive because it's more gas efficient and less likely to break down. 2 wheel drive is also much cheaper to maintain. In all these years I've only been stuck twice in 2 wheel drive vehicles and on one of those occasions the 4 wheel drive tow truck that came to get me got stuck a mile before reaching me. It took a tractor to get us both out. Avoiding poor roads in a 4 wheel drive and a 2 wheel drive is a good idea all together.

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