Pedang Yang Diributkan . . . #Kirito #SAO #SwordArtOnline

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Hajimimashite Reza desu douzo yoroshiku onegaishimashu :D

_yb Channel
_A Newbie YouTuber Prolly Need Some Guide
_My Name Is Reza

Mostly Doing Live Streams Many Games(Mostly in Bahasa, some in English)
Shitposting & Live Stream Cuts Uploads(only the good one lol)
Branded Content(I don't need money but when they come to me my legs are widely open)

Instagram: @rapyourbae
Twitter: @ybrap
Game.Ly: 696969 (Brand Ambassador)

Gaming PC Spec:
Intel Core i9-9900K 3.6GHZ
RTX 2080Ti
SSD 1 Tera
Alienware 240Hz 25 Inch
BenQ 60Hz 26 Inch(2nd Monitor)
Ducky One Mini
Razer Lancehead
Razer Kiyo
Logitech c922

Just Enjoy The Streams
Be A Nice Viewers
Bad Attitude Will Be Banned/Silent Mode By Moderators
Good Viewers Will Got A Moderators Badge(Depends on my mood)
I Don't Really Like Vegetables
I Eat Junk Food Since 3yo
My Mom Loves My Cousin More Than Me
But I Love You xoxo

Moderators In Duty:
Reynaldo Chandra
Wulan Wede
Hana Wjya
Kevin Quraizy
Monika Ibrahim