Frank Ocean - Endless [Full Album] [CDQ]

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This is "Endless" by artist Frank Ocean. "Endless" was initially released in stems on a livestream in August, 2016. The livestream, hosted on Frank Ocean's website, featured Frank building a spiral staircase to the tune of ambient music over the course of 140 hours. Soon after the stream's conclusion, an abridged version of the stream was released as a 40 minute music video titled "Endless" exclusively on Apple Music.
This release counted in Frank Ocean's contract as an album release under his ex-label Def Jam, and so he left the label to begin his own label: BOY'S DON'T CRY.
Barely even a day after the creation of his new label, Frank Ocean released his album "Blond" and the rest is history.
While "Blond" charted No.1 on the Billboard 200 and later went on to go platinum, "Endless" remained relatively obscure and even became unknown to many new Frank Ocean fans. I assume this mostly had to do with it's exclusivity on Apple Music and it only legally being able to be experienced in its full video form.

In late November of 2017, Frank Ocean re-released "Endless" on very physical formats such as vinyl and CD. The re-release of "Endless" is speculated to have been remastered, as it sounds far clearer than the 2016 version of "Endless" that was ripped from the video. The Frank Ocean fan-base has taken to calling this version of "Endless" the CDQ (CD-Quality) version since it was ripped from the CD. The videos I have uploaded of "Endless" feature this version.

I really hope you enjoy it.

btw this is where I got the image used in this video:


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I hold no rights or copyrights over this music. This is not my music, and I intend to make no money or profit off of this. I simply posted it here as an archive for other people to enjoy so that they can experience this beautiful album. Copyrights go to Frank Ocean and BOYS DON'T CRY. If anyone from Frank Ocean's team want me to take this down, just contact me and I'll get it down quick.

Please support the official release and spread the word. I'm unaware of where you can purchase this particular version of Endless at this moment, but I do know you can get the original video version on Apple Music still.