❖ The Vampire Diaries || Hold on [8x16]

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I hope you like it :)

it's not available on phones...watch it here: →

I watched this emotional episode today. i said before "when stefan dies...it´s not so bad" but now he is dead and my heart dies with him. i cryed so so much and it´s not fair that no one excpet Damon and Elena find her happy ending. I wish it wouldn´t be over with vampire diaries! Maybe somone can tell me what is meant with the end of the episode. Damon disappears and Elena see her parents, John and Jenna...her house is right in front of her... How is that possible? Hallucinating? or was everything a dream? than i saw the parents are smiling. Did they know everything and they are happy to see elena because they would be actually dead?

Please watch in HD. i hope you like it :) i needed the full day.
►Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
►Song: Chord Overstreet - Hold On (Lyric Video)
►Program: Sony Vegas Pro 14
Season 8 Episode 16

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