Everything You Missed In The Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

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Wonder Woman 1984 Is Going To Shake Up The DCEU
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DC Hasn’t exactly had the best time at the cinemas over the last few years, but one film that pretty much everyone can agree was awesome, was the Wonder Woman solo film.

The movie managed to take an iconic character, who for some reason hadn’t had a big screen outing yet, and did her some serious justice.

And now, we have the first official trailer for the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. And boy howdy, does it look awesome!

So you know the drill by now, we are going to break the trailer down and take a look at what the film has to offer, including the appearance of new villains, and the resurrection of one Steve Trevor. Somehow. Still not sure how that works, but hey! Chris Pine is here so you don’t hear us complaining!

Let’s get to it!

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