1 Simple Move To Get 10,000 Fans Of Your Music

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Comment @Rob_Level on http://www.Instagram.com/Burrcardi her last Instagram picture! This will be fun

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People tend to get all their new music from Playlists now as opposed to blogs.

While blogs still have their role in molding people's opinions and helping people gain fans, they are slowly losing their daily visitors to people who are discovering music on Spotify Playlists and Sound Cloud playlists.

The good news about this shift is that if people stop focusing on getting posted on Hip Hop blogs, this opens up the doors for you to have a higher chance of getting a post on that blog.

I highly recommend you try to get on both the blogs and the playlists but to be 100% honest, the playlists are the go to place now.

Next thing I recommend is you start finding and creating relationships with the people who run these Spotify playlists. Just like a blog can do, if these people put you into their Playlist for even a few days you can gain thousands of fans.

This is the kind of person you REALLY need to create a relationship with now somehow because if she likes you AND your music and she puts you on an official Sptoify playlist, you can get heard by 10s of thousands of people INSTANTLY. That is literally a whole fan base instantly created for you over night.

Go to her page and follow her or at the last post on her posts and tell her @Rob_Level sent you. She will think it's funny.

Start making better music and start making a strategy around getting posted on these Playlists.

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