FIREFLIES vs LIGHTNING - A Magical Evening

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Fireflies fill the wilderness with blinking lights while lightning flashes in the background. As this magical evening progresses, the fireflies outlast and outshine.

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Most of us agree lightning is one of nature’s most mesmerizing light shows. In June I’m usually trying to track down the most magnificent storms and every now and then, I’ll stumble across one of Mother Nature’s other fascinating light shows. Fireflies

On this magical evening in Kansas the camera set up to capture the storm, was getting photobombed by the bright little bugs. More and more my attention was turning away from the flashing in the clouds and into the flashing in the trees.

Well Into the AM hours, as the thunderstorm was winding down, the beaming little bugs were just amping up.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” performed by Hank Schyma on a 1939 Gibson L7… Which is also the year the song was debuted in The Wizard of Oz