My Boss is My Ex-Boyfriend | Part 2

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Hey guys, this is the second part of the "my boss is my ex boyfriend" story, that you've requested so much. To see the first part of the story, click the link below:

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Hi there! I’m glad you’re here! We have a few more things to cover, including the authorities getting involved. After the last video ended, we left off with my boss, who is also my ex-boyfriend, giving me a mountain worth of work. I didn’t really have time to make a big deal about it. I was there for a paycheck. Nothing more nothing less. I dealt with it for a few days, but the workload seemed to get more and more crazy. I was beginning to stay later into the night, and wake up extra early. Whenever I turned work in, it would get rejected, or asked to be redone. I was losing my motivation and my mind. I was talking to my family about it and complaining. ‘Why don’t you just resign?’ they’d ask me. It’s not that simple. If I quit this job, I lose a paycheck other jobs don’t offer. Not to mention the job comes with benefits. Health benefits, more specifically. If I wanted the same things, I’d have to go farther away from my home, which isn’t something I was planning. My ex’s plan is to run me out of there. Out of his so-called building. I wouldn’t let him win. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me fail.

So, I worked. And worked. The large pile of papers steadily went down. I even took some home and did them there. All of my coworkers were deeply impressed with my sudden work ethic. The only one who wasn’t impressed, was my boss. Real shocker there. Well, one day at work, one of my colleagues came up to me and told me the boss wanted to see me immediately. I almost threw myself out of the window, but I refrained and made my way to his office anyways. It was awkward, and I wanted to die. When I walked into his office, he instantly went off on me. Telling about how I’m slacking off, which I’m not, cause I got more work done than my coworkers, about how I’m constantly whining, which… eh, fair enough. But even so, It’s not like I’m the worst employee there. So his belligerent attitude towards me was not appreciated. Even so, I stood there and let him dish it out at me. When he was finished, he asked me why I was being layabout, which, for those who don’t know, means someone who does little or no work. I… have never had a hitlist in my life until that moment. I wanted to jump off the building and take him with me.

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