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With Vin Diesel in the title role as a formerly deceased soldier with a brand new set of superpowers, Bloodshot is poised to launch the latest blockbuster, comics-inspired film franchise. Here's everything you need to know about what to expect when Bloodshot arrives in theaters on February 21, 2020.

Obviously, one-man action squad Vin Diesel is the biggest name attached to the upcoming film adaptation of the Bloodshot comics. He'll be heading up the cast as Ray Garrison, a deceased Marine turned reborn soldier supreme.

Guy Pearce, best known for his role in memory-oriented thriller Memento, as well as L.A. Confidential and Iron Man 3, is playing Dr. Emil Harting, the doctor leading the experiments on Garrison.

Sam Heughan, the breakout star of Starz time-travel/period piece Outlander, plays "So Long" Shifflet, a Navy SEAL and another super-soldier.

Elza Gonzalez, who played Darling in Baby Driver, stars as the member of an inner circle of a strange underground organization. She's joined by longtime New Girl star Lamorne Morris, who fills the comic relief role as Wilfred Wigans.

Sony released the trailer for Bloodshot in October 2019, providing a taste of a film that looks to be a fun throwback to Diesel's death-defying, cartoonish, over-the-top early action hits. Based on this footage, audiences can expect a violent thrill ride with plenty of stunts and special effects.

Bloodshot will take Diesel's character on a journey through death, implanted memories, and organizational manipulation. In the film, a firm called RST has placed nanobots inside Garrison's body that makes him super-strong and able to heal instantly. The trailer really drives that home, depicting the squirrelly little organisms at the molecular level, then depicting Ray's torn skin repairing itself from injuries both superficial and, well, fatal. He even gets shot in the face and is none the worse for the wear. Keep watching the video to see the details about Bloodshot revealed!

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