BIGGEST FISH IN THE WORLD - Whale Sharks of Mexico

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Swimming with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world in Mexico. Whale shark tour facts and information.


Not only are whale sharks the largest of all sharks, they are the largest fish on the planet, yet they feed on some of the smallest creatures in the sea, plankton. Whale sharks gulp up tons of water and sieve out the tiny animals and plants with their gills in a process called filter feeding. Whale sharks can grow larger than a school bus yet they are extremely docile.
They grow to 18-32 feet and there are reports of them exceeding 40 feet. Whale sharks prefer warm waters and they populate all tropical seas.

There was no guarantee we would find anything, but after an hour of searching we were in the water swimming with the largest fish in the world. Each swimmer was allowed two, five minute swims with the sharks. To us, the ten minutes with these magnificent creatures was well worth the plunge. The tour also includes brief snorkeling in the typical crystal clear waters around the Yucatan. Also on the the tour we spotted dolphins and a couple manta rays.

LODGING / MOTEL / RESORT on Isla Mujeres
We got a package deal including airfare, 4 nights lodging and all inclusive meals at the Mia Reef resort located on it's own little island bridged to the main island. There we were treated with clean and comfortable rooms with dreamy tropical scenery and the latest German male swimwear fashions. Near the Villas on the northern tip of the island, terns and noddys have taken up a tiny sanctuary. Some people complain about the noise and the smell likely putting pressure on the land owners to eliminate it. So If you’re highly anthropocentric
We recommend you stay in Cancun instead.

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