Friends That Rap -Y.K.W.W.A (You Know Who We Are) (Official Music Video)

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Friends That Rap.. We're not just a rap group we're a brand.We stand by a code and that's to electrify every performance and give everyone a feel good experience with everything we do. We hail from Memphis,TN we consist of FreshCobain,KashGiavonni,and B-Tree Rogers.We're not just your typical rappers, first and formost we're artist and no matter the type of rap you love we can and will deliver diversity in every aspect, dope in every way.If you havent heard of us you havent heard hiphop artistry at its best.Once a FTR song comes on you're guranteed to move and fall in love with rap like you've never have before.Our time is now we're here to change the landscape of the genre and bring in a new nostalgia of music.So sit back relax and ponder upon the new age of the music industry and the world.- FRIENDS THAT RAP

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